2010 Activities - Town Hall

In accordance with its mission, PaMAGIC has been a continual proponent of a Geospatial Advisory Council representing public, private and academic interests of all levels. We were one of only three  groups from outside state agencies to participate in the PA  Geographic Information Council (PAGIC) established in 1999. Our participation in legislative hearings in 2003 and 2004 resulted in House Resolution 882 recommending Executive-level strategic planning and coordination of geospatial technologies. That resolution was the impetus for a series of legislative efforts that continually refined the concepts and development of a statewide Council.

The history of efforts to share decision-making among all levels of government is captured in our Legislative resources section. You will see that there were strong opinions and much iteration along the way. There are many ways to coordinate, and we have examined them all.


Documentation from the PaMAGIC Town Hall Meeting held on October 28, 2010:

PA Geospatial Town Hall Meeting - Mapping Our Future
State of GIS Repor
Transition Paper Discussion
Provisional Council Notes (1)
Provisional Council Notes (2)
State of GIS Notes (1)
State of GIS Notes (2)
State of GIS Notes (3)
PaMAGIC Town Hall Meeting Minutes