New Philosophy

New PaMAGIC Member Database and Service Tracking

The new PaMAGIC Member Database and Service Tracking will facilitate, document, and amplify public service within and from the GIS Community. It is being designed to allow and encourage more member-to-member interactions and simplify regional meetups. You will be able to find folks with common interests or those willing to mentor for skills you’d like to develop.


PaMAGIC Public Service Philosophy

One person’s public service, no matter how seemingly small, is important. When a Community encourages and aggregates those moments and acts of service they are amplified. PaMAGIC encourages public service.

We encourage “enlightened self-interest” in which a person who gives of their time and talent in service to others actually gains as much or more than they give. Our member data base is designed to both encourage and document public service.

Your “public service as enlightened self-interest” can work whether you interact with one person at a time or in local or even statewide groups. Your actions might be as simple as attending a public function, or as involved as organizing a regional meeting – and over the course of your career you should do some of each.

Today’s society offers many different opportunities for public service in a professional environment; thoughtful posts, short how-to videos, sponsoring or hosting a meetup, mentoring a student are just a few examples. Even more interesting is that any of those work in person or on-line, as live activities or canned.