FEMA Map Mod

Since early 2006 PaMAGIC has partnered with DCED and FEMA to promote and develop a more coordinated and active approach to FEMA’s Flood Map Modernization (MapMod) in the Commonwealth. The core of people involved with the Map Mod initiative has grown from about 25 to about 75 people who meet three to four times per year. The larger group grew to include state and federal agencies, county representatives, large and small private business (primarily engineering) and non-profit groups interested in natural functions within floodplains. Below is a set of reference documents regarding the efforts:


Highlights from the PA NHD Mini Conference, September 8-9, 2010 

Status and Plans

PAFPM Status and Plans 


PAFPM Annual Meeting - October 2009 


FEMA Region 3 PA DFIRM Status Map 

PaMAP LiDAR Estimated Dates/FEMA Region 3 Map 

FEMA Region 3 PA 322 Plan Status Map 

PAFPM Meeting Report/Work Sessions - 2008 

PAFPM Strategic Planning Session - March 2008 


Hazard Planning Mitigation Map - 2007 

Map Mod Advisory Team Meeting - January 2007 

Flood Insurance Reform and Modernization Act of 2007 


PA MHIP Advisory Team - Summary 

Map Modernization Workshop - March 2006 

GTSC Handout - September 2006 


Maximizing the Benefits of FEMA Map Modernization for Pennsylvania