The Bylaws can also be downloaded (pdf).



(Addition of Committees, clarification of Geospatial Coordinating Board selection and duties – added by Board Vote 7/8/2016) 

Article I – Title

The name of this organization shall be the "Pennsylvania Mapping and Geographic Information Consortium;" hereafter referred to as "PaMAGIC."

Article II - Vision, Mission and Objectives

The vision of PaMAGIC is that: Citizens of Pennsylvania will have a coordinated, flexible, and integrated geographical information infrastructure to better support decision making and more efficient use of limited resources. The mission of PaMAGIC is: To provide leadership, coordination and guidance to enhance the development, use and access to spatial information and related services in Pennsylvania. Objectives are:

1.  Provide leadership in Pennsylvania to address current trends in geographic information technology and associated issues.

2.  Develop a strong partnership with business, academic community, and government that will promote the collection, maintenance, sharing, and use of spatial data.

3.  Encourage the transition from hard copy maps and records to digital media and GIS-based data.

4.  Convey the needs and concerns of GIS users to federal, state, and local officials.

5.  Foster communication among geospatial professionals throughout Pennsylvania.

6.  Facilitate cost-efficient mechanisms for cooperation between GIS and spatial data users in Pennsylvania, to reduce duplication of effort and inefficient use of limited resources for such activities.

7.  Assist in the development of consistent content, format and exchange standards for digital geographic information users within the Commonwealth.

8.  Render periodic reports to legislative and government offices and Pennsylvania citizens concerning the state of GIS in Pennsylvania.

Article III - Membership and Membership Fees

Membership shall be open to individuals who use or have an interest in the use of geographic information within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. There are three categories of membership:

Individual Membership - those who use geographic data and related software products.

Student Membership – for those who validate full time enrollment in college/ universities. 

Honorary Memberships - those who have provided exceptional service to PaMAGIC by virtue of their contribution of time, money, talent or reputation to furthering the goals of the organization.

Honorary members will be determined by the Board.

An annual membership fee will be assessed all members except students to defray the cost of communications (correspondence, newsletters, special mailings). The Board of Directors shall set the membership fee on an annual basis.

Members are expected to be involved in PaMAGIC activities, to maintain their own member profile, and to assist other members upon request.

Article IV - Sponsorship

A sponsor donates a sum of money, goods or services to PaMAGIC. Sponsors may be afforded discounted rates for advertisements placed in newsletters, directories and the website page and may be offered a specific number of individual memberships to be used by their employees as individuals.

Article V - Officers

PaMAGIC will be governed by a nine person Board of Directors. The members of the Board will be nominated from the General Membership.

Prospective members of the Board will be nominated and elected annually by PaMAGIC members. The term for each elected Board member is three years. Of the nine member Board, the terms shall overlap and alternate such that three Board member positions are filled each year. This is intended to provide continuity in the governance of the organization. The Board will devise a plan to provide a phased transition to fill these alternating terms.

There will be no term limits on Board members. The President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary will be elected from and by the Board as soon as practicable after elections. All nine Board members must vote for officers and electronic voting is acceptable. The beginning and end of Board member terms shall be at the annual business meeting.

While officer duties can vary depending on experience and other involvements, the duties are generally as follows:

President: develops agenda and facilitates bi-weekly Board meetings; facilitates discussion and formulation of annual initiatives; develops annual President’s letter covering Board and related activities; represents PA MAGIC at various events; ensures the By-Laws contained here within are followed.

Vice President: fills in for all President duties when the President is absent or unavailable; generally supports all Board activities.

Treasurer: maintains PA MAGIC banking related accounts; provides regular reports and updates on PA MAGIC banking accounts; monitors the spending of PA MAGIC; facilitates and monitors donations to PA MAGIC.

Secretary: facilitates the means for bi-weekly Board meetings; captures meeting minutes for all PA MAGIC Board meetings which are reviewed and submitted to the organization website; facilitates other correspondence and documents developed by PA MAGIC.

An officer may be removed from his or her position either on a voluntary basis, or by a majority vote by the nine member Board. If the officer is removed by vote, the officer will be given an opportunity to justify the situation before a final vote is taken. If the officer is removed, the Board shall appoint someone else to fill the position until the next election.

State GeoSpatial Coordinating Board Representative:  Nominations from the general membership shall be made for any PAMAGIC member in good standing to serve a term of three years as the State Geospatial Coordinating Board Representative.   Members may nominate themselves or as many other PAMAGIC members as they choose.   The Nominations will be collected by the Executive Board and the Representative selected by majority vote of the Board.  In cases where the Representative is unable to serve the full term the Board shall seek nominations and select a member to serve out the remainder of the three year term.

  The Representative shall act at all proceedings as a liaison of the Board and with professionalism that reflects the broad range of membership and the PAMAGIC Mission Statement. 

Article VI - Voting

All members shall be eligible to vote on the selection of the Board of Directors on a one person - one vote basis. Votes will be decided by a majority of eligible voting members in attendance at meetings or responding to mail/fax requests. Proxy votes will be accepted if a written ballot is tendered before a regular vote is taken. Voting may be performed remotely via on-line means and on-line and paper ballots may be mixed in the same election.

Votes taken by the Board shall pass with a quorum in favor, and may be performed via conference call or email and tabulated by the Secretary.

Article VII - Meetings

PaMAGIC will hold a minimum of one General Membership business meeting per calendar year. This annual business meeting will take place determined by the Board of Directors. At least two officers must preside over the business meeting. If deemed necessary by the Board of Directors, additional business meetings may be called by the President. General business meetings shall be announced to the General Membership and provide adequate opportunity for the membership to attend. In addition, committee meetings may be held one or more times per year as scheduling and need dictates. Minutes of all meetings will be documented by an appointed scribe and made available to the General Membership by the Treasurer/ Secretary.

Article VIII - Committees

PaMAGIC may establish standing or special committees as directed by the Board of Directors. Any such committee should be chaired by one or more members of the Board to ensure direction and guidance relative to the goals and objectives of the organization. Regular reports or committee activities and accomplishments should be prepared and presented to the Board at business and general membership meetings.

Regional Activity Committees are a special type of committee whose purpose is to expand membership, address local needs and interests, and generally support PaMAGIC Vision, Mission, and Objectives. They should be guided by a minimum of two (2) PaMAGIC members, keep the Board informed through regular involvement in Board conference calls, may keep local bank accounts if they report quarterly to the PaMAGIC Treasurer, and may solicit local sponsorships for defraying committee expenses.

Article IX - Amendments

Proposed amendments to these By-Laws can be submitted by any member of PaMAGIC, provided that such an amendment has first been signed by the proponent(s) along with a statement of rationale for recommending the change. The proposed change must be submitted in writing to the President of the Board. The Board President will then call a meeting of the Board to discuss the proposed change, and a vote will be taken by the Board. A majority vote of the nine member Board will be required to ratify the change.

ARTICLE X – Additional Organizing Provisions

PaMAGIC is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code.

Notwithstanding any other provision of these articles, PaMAGIC shall not, except to an insubstantial degree, engage in any activities or exercise any powers that are not in furtherance of the purposes of this corporation.

Upon the dissolution of PaMAGIC, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose.